About Me

I founded "Nekrographie" in 2007 at the infamous show of the norwegian black metal band Taake in Essen - back then I called it "Blutbilder". The latter name derives from Taakes EP "Nekro" and the old German spelling of "Photographie"

In 2009 I started to pursue the subject of live and promotional photography, with a steady growing enthusiasm and success - ever since!

In late 2010 I founded "facetten" as a counterpart for my other activities.

Since June 2011, Nekrographie is the resident photographer for events hosted and arranged by Stage Secrets Management. www.stage-secrets-management.com



Taake + Tito & Tarantula + Mayhem + Aura Noir + Watain + The Devil's Blood + Grand Magus + Jex Thoth + Forgotten Tomb + Den Saakaldte + Enthroned + Angantyr + Make A Change... Kill
Yourself + Altar of Plagues + Dark Fortress + The Devil in Miss Jones + Nebra + Pantheon I + Sarkom


23.02. Enslaved, Ghost Brigade
24.02. Alcest, Les Discrets
09.03. The Devil's Blood
24.03. The Vision Bleak, Agrypnie, Helrunar
30.03. Einherjer
09.04. Agalloch, Soliness, Velnias
13.04. Absu
17.04. Dark Fortress, Nachtmystium
21.04. Kings of Black Metal
03.05. Vulcano, Satan's Propaganda
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